Heybridge Basin: new parish council is set to be elected after waiting through the Covid year

  Posted: 07.04.21 at 14:02 by The Editor

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The new parish council that has had to wait a year for its first full election had its last pre-election meeting yesterday (Tuesday, 6 April) with the chair called in to look after it telling how he hopes it will go on to "continue with improving the quality of life in Heybridge Basin".

Heybridge Basin Parish Council was formed after local residents petitioned Maldon District Council (MDC), leading to a review of the need for a new parish and the subsequent decision of MDC to approve the formation of the new council in February, 2019.

That approval led to a 'Referendum Team' being tasked with working on behalf of the village to produce a budget for the new parish by the start of August 2019 - ready to ensure that by May 2020 all would be ready for elections to the new parish council.

Then, of course, Covid-19 got in the way - and it is now on Thursday, 6 May this year that those elections can finally go ahead.

In his final meeting in the chair of Heybridge Basin Parish Council, Councillor Michael Edwards told of his surprise at having been called to fill the role for so long - and thanked everyone involved for working so well together in extraordinary circumstances.

In his opening speech at yesterday's meeting, Cllr Edwards said: "I have to admit that when I was asked by MDC to assist with the running of the parish council due to Covid-19 and the non-election of a fully-fledged parish council, I thought, along with others, that my appointment would probably finish in the autumn of 2020. That it has taken a year to hold an election was a surprise, as I am sure it was to others.

"As the elections will now take place next month, my appointment along with Cllr Lawson’s and Cllr Anne Beale’s will cease and a new parish council will be elected so in effect this will be my last full council meeting as a parish councillor.

"I would like to take the opportunity to thank my colleagues for their support through this difficult year and especially our Clerk, John Watson, for all his hard work and without whom all this would not have been possible."

Cllr Edwards added: Finally I would like to wish the incoming Parish Councillors all the best for the future and to continue with improving the quality of life in Heybridge Basin."

Cllr Edwards will remain as district councillor representing Heybridge West Ward and Cllr Beale as district councillor representing the Heybridge East Ward. There will be a new district councillor joining Cllr Beale in representing East Ward,
taking Bryan Harker’s seat and who will be elected on 6 May.

Maldon Nub News will bring full details of all the candidates standing for election to Heybridge Basin Parish Council as soon as full details are confirmed.

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