Local elections: The Conservative candidates for the two by-election seats on Maldon District Council are announced

  Posted: 07.04.21 at 09:59 by The Editor

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The Maldon and Witham Conservative Associations have announced their candidates for the Heybridge East and Tollesbury by-elections for Maldon District Council taking place on Thursday, 6 May.

A spokesperson for the associations said: "As Conservatives we promise to promote the economy, protect the environment, efficiency and services.

"We believe in the provision of good quality services for the best value for money, operating in an open and transparent way, keeping council tax as low as possible and getting the maximum value for every penny of council taxpayers’ money.

"We believe Maldon District Council needs to be back under Conservative control, as it is the only way to guarantee that your district will become an increasingly prosperous, safer, healthier, greener place for all residents to live, work and enjoy.

"The forthcoming elections don't just decide who continues to run the local services we all care about - it will also be about how we recover and build back better.

Bruce Heubner
Conservative candidate for the Heybridge East seat on Maldon District Council.

The statement about Bruce from the Maldon Conservative Association:

"Bruce has lived in Heybridge Basin for 23 years with his wife and two boys. Bruce is someone who cares deeply for his community and the residents as he has been volunteering in the local community for the last two years. In that time Bruce has championed local good causes and supported the council’s effort to improve its infrastructure and being a retired police officer Bruce believes in keeping Maldon a safe
place to work, live and enjoy. He has been a Covid-19 volunteer delivering essential supplies to the vulnerable during the pandemic."

Debbie Keating
Conservative candidate for Tollesbury

The Witham Conservative Association statement on Debbie:

"Debbie has lived in Tollesbury for the past 18 years and for much of that time as a single parent juggling full-time work and bringing up her young children. For 20 years now, Debbie
has worked with local recruitment firm, JobServe, based in Tiptree and enjoys making a positive difference to people's lives. Now that her children are older, Debbie wants to make a positive difference to her community and as a strong listener, if elected will always support the needs of Tollesbury residents, local businesses and schools. One of Debbie’s favourite things to do is is to walk around Tollesbury’s sea wall and to enjoy the salt marsh coast - Debbie is determined to do
everything possible to protect the local natural landscape and its amazing wildlife."

Nub News will be bringing you news of all the candidates, both independent and from all political parties, as and when the information becomes available over the coming days.

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