Readers' Letters: Bradwell B groundworks should be 'put on hold'

  Posted: 24.01.21 at 12:05 by The Editor

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The following is a letter from Latchingdon resident Tony Fittock. If you would like a letter to be featured in Readers' Letters at Maldon Nub News, just email them to the editor via the link here. Alternatively, use the 'Nub It' button to submit your letter at our website through the link here.

I am hoping that our MP, John Whittingdale OBE, will use his skill and experience as a Member of Parliament to lobby the Prime Minister and/or Secretary of State to intervene in what may prove to be an embarrassing situation for the Government.

I am sure that readers will be aware that Chinese Nuclear Developers CGN are appealing a decision made by Maldon District Council for refusal to initiate groundworks at Bradwell-on-Sea for the purpose of furthering their ‘Belt and Road’ initiative and to use it as a means of consolidating their desire to be the global leaders in all aspects of nuclear development.

In reality this is unlikely in the fullness of time to be permitted due to the obvious risk this poses not just for UK energy infrastructure security but for democracy as we know it.

If the groundworks are allowed to progress it would be a travesty for RAF Bradwell Bay to be destroyed by their ‘wolf warrior’ attitude of trying to rush the proposal through only for it to be blocked at a later date.

Other than the fact that there is considerable local opposition (5,000 Maldon and 1,200 Harwich residents on a petition to the Government) to the proposal, even the EA (Environment Agency) have recently stated that plans should not be pursued until safety concerns relating to the GDA (Generic Design Assessment) are resolved.

Given the current geo-political situation surely it is appropriate that it should be put on hold until the Government has determined that the developers and or reactor design will be permitted, subject to a Development Consent Order.

Yours Sincerely
A Fittock

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