What new Covid-19 restrictions mean for Maldon

  Posted: 23.09.20 at 09:52 by The Editor

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WITH new pandemic restrictions announced by the Government yesterday (Tuesday, September 22),
followed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s speech to the nation in the evening, Maldon Nub News
takes a fresh look at what the new rules mean for Maldon.

First, a look at the latest figures for the area, last update yesterday evening, shows that the district has had three new cases in total in the last seven days. That now equals 4.6 current confirmed cases per 100,000. The Essex County Council area stands at 11.4 cases per 100,000 overall, as some districts have higher rates, such as Epping Forest at 23.5, Castle Point at 22.1 and Brentwood at 20.8.

All of the above statistics indicate that the county area currently has relatively low levels of Covid-19 infections, with Maldon remaining the district that has seen the least coronavirus infections and deaths so far.

However, the figures for the county have been showing an increase in the past two to three weeks and the steps being taken now are to slow the rise as winter approaches.

In his speech, the Prime Minister said: “If we follow these simple rules together, we will get through this winter together.”

The new rules and what they mean

So here are the new rules – and unless stated otherwise, they apply from tomorrow (Thursday):

Office workers should return to working from home if they can.

Pubs and restaurants must serve customers only when they are seated at tables. It is as yet not completely certain what this will mean when visiting one of Maldon’s coffee shops or outlets that
offer both a takeaway and eat-in service, but more guidance is expected from the Government later today.

Maldon Nub News will bring you an update on what will be happening at some of our town’s businesses later today.

Takeaways will be able to continue operating, but not after 10pm.

Pubs, restaurants, entertainment and leisure venues will all be shutting their doors at 10pm, too.

Taxi and mini-cab passengers must wear a face covering.

All retail staff must wear face coverings.

The only time customers in restaurants, cafes and pubs can take off their face masks will be when they are sitting down and eating or drinking.

The ‘rule of six’ will be extended to all indoor team sports.

A maximum of 15 people will be allowed at wedding ceremonies and at any reception afterwards. Funerals will still be allowed up to 30 socially-distanced attendees.

Plans to reintroduce crowds at sporting events from October 1 have been shelved, as have business conferences.

Increased fines will be in place for businesses and individuals not complying with the rules.

Mr Johnson has also said that the army may be deployed to help ensure the new regulations are
kept to if police forces become too stretched to cope.

Extra information and an update on schools for parents and carers

Essex County Council has written an open letter top parents and carers on the importance of sticking to the new guidelines to help keep the education of local children going. The letter contains advice about what to expect and what to do if a school pupil at your child’s school tests positive for Covid-19 – this includes not posting about it on social media.

Maldon’s Plume Academy principal, Carl Wakefield, as hailed the letter as “an excellent letter on multiple fronts”.

Readers can access the full letter here.

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